Car Window Tinting In Bozeman

Automotive Window Films That Last Long
Auto window tinting should only be handled by professional experts, unless you want tints fading or peeling after a few years. A licensed window tinting company that has serviced Montana for over 20 years, Bozeman Tint installs only the highest quality films. With us, you can choose from a vast range of options, including anything from cutting-edge crystalline, ceramic films, carbon, and hybrid tints. Variety is not the only thing we offer, as our applications have stood the test of time against Montana’s terrain and weather. Our experts have years of experience delivering auto tinting and paint protection services. They are available to work in Bozeman, Belgrade, Livingston, Manhattan, Three Forks, and Wineglass.

Does Window Tinting
Really Block Out The Sun?

Yes, it does. A high-quality window tint wouldn’t only make your car look cooler, it will also protect you from sun damage by blocking out 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Depending on the level of metal and dyes within the polyester-based film, window tints can block various levels of light and heat. This provides you with protection and privacy from the outside while allowing you to see clearly from the inside.

What Is The Best Type Of
Window Tint
film ?

There are several types of window tints, and each has its own unique advantages, so the ideal choice usually depends on the needs of the driver. Clear window tints are perfect if you’re trying to block the sun’s UV rays without changing the look of your car. Metalized tints block heat and last longer. Carbon tints are the top pick if you’re looking for the absolute best in heat and UV protection.

What Are The Benefits Of
Window Tinting ?

UV Protection

Too much exposure to UV rays is dangerous as this can cause skin cancer. Depending on the quality of the film, window tints can block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays.

Heat Reduction

Window tints can be quite beneficial during the summer, as they block out the heat from the sun, making the inside of your car cooler and more comfortable. They also reduce the glare from the sun, improving your visibility.

Interior Preservation

UV rays also affect certain materials, like your seats and dashboard. With enough exposure, these will start to peel and fade. Window tints can preserve the appearance of your car’s interior by blocking UV rays.

Fuel Conservation

By keeping your car’s interior cool, window tints can make you reduce the frequency at which you use the air conditioner. This, in turn, can help you save fuel.

Extra Privacy & Security

With dark window tints, it’s hard for anyone to see the inside of your car and spot your valuables. Window tints can hold broken glass together in case there’s been a collision or an accident. This reduces the risk of broken shards of glass flying around and causing injuries.

Get The Best Window Tinting In Bozeman

The window tints that look the best and last the longest are the ones installed by highly-experienced professionals. With our experts, you can expect only the highest quality installations. No such thing as bubbles or gaps in the film. What’s more, our services are affordable and come with a warranty.